Bhai Mastan Singh Public (Senior Secondary) School is the outcome of the foresightedness of our Honorable Founder Mahant Kashmir Singh it who desired to impart guality Education to the students of the area. The Institution is entering in 15th Session living as we are in the age of rapid development of science & Technology, The Institution is also continuous ascender of progress.

The Institution has shown the sign of development in the academic field as well as the Co-Curricular activities. In a short period of time the Institution has become a favourable Institution among the students as well as parents. The School has a beautiful building with lash green lawns. The Education is a pious profession. Our Children have the Intelligence, Talent and Potential to become the most successful people in the world and Bhai Mastan Singh Public Senior Secondary School is doing this with full sincerity. I wish the school a great Success. We invite our Children endowed with inquisitive minds and high professional aspirations to come forward and join us to become precious member of Bhai Mastan Singh Public (Senior Secondary) School.


Munish Chopra


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BMS Public School, Muktsar

It’s a great thing to have talent but sometimes to achieve results you need a well prepared strategy and guidance.

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